YouTube’s Real Name Comment Policy, Twitter Censorship​, & More (The Point)

Will YouTubes plan to clean up insulting and counterproductive comment sections work? Was Twitter right to ban a journalist for criticizing NBCs Olympics coverage? What should we make of the YouTubeTV crossover (Phil DeFranco hosting Shark Week, Michael Buckley hosting with Kelly Ripa, Annoying Orange jumping to Cartoon Network, etc.)? Meg Turney (Cosplayer & TV Host) leads this weeks panel to discuss these issues and more with Will Hyde (Social Media Reporter, and YouTube star The Will Of DC), Andre Meadows (Comedian, and YouTube star The Black Nerd), and Misty Kingma (Entertainment Journalist - Clevver Media). Special thanks to Shira Lazar (Host of Whats Trending) and Guy Adams (Writer for The Independent) for sending in points. Subscribe: Watch More Points: More on our Points, Point-makers and Guests: Twitter List To Follow:

20 thoughts on “YouTube’s Real Name Comment Policy, Twitter Censorship​, & More (The Point)

  1. You should have asked why did you change the youtube backgrounds?? The old way is when you could be more creative.

  2. What a great way to destroy YouTube.
    What a great way to hurt people, what if someone doesn’t like what I am saying? Now they could if they so wanted to send death threats in person (not that I get them)

  3. It’s like they’re trying to stop "bullying" when they’re just eliminating freedom of speech, it teaches those how to disregard criticism by excessive hater’s and see it for what it is. But at the same time the creativity in criticism is more important to have, can’t just have a limited side of the spectrum of expression. If we let Youtube dictate what’s appropriate or not, people will be less anonymous, but hopefully won’t stop speaking out in the way they want to because of these new rules.

  4. It better stop at hate speech, spamming and such, not develop it further into censoring any criticism, anything negative, etc. That’s what we have the thumbs down feature for.

  5. "Might as well monetize it and not hide it from everyone."

    This I very much disagree with, it is not "hidden", you actually should take a second to search it, much of the stuff isn’t hidden, it’s exactly where it should be. Please don’t make it "monetized", the more public it is the more generally stupid people will be involved in the comment boxes, then mods will control it and crazy censorshipping twat’s are consistent pest and will naturally ruin the entire site!!!

  6. corporate sympathizer … corporations own the whole country and the government

  7. So, you can’t comment on YouTube without using your full name. Ladies and gents we are losing our internet.

  8. I have to wonder how long it will be before there are some serious consequences to the real name policy.

  9. This is an application of "the few have done wrong so the whole must be punished". Quite ridiculous.

  10. don’t be angry with me because i’m trying to understand your personal needs,i’m not ever offended by a person, i care. and you did say maybe it should be illegal. talk to me some more as anonymous without anger. on my site slayerwulfe all are allowed to be anonymous and i tell everyone i understand and welcome it. talk to me here where you feel safe for the moment,plz. slayerwulfe cave

  11. I’m not angry with you, nor do I think my past comment expresses any anger. So I don’t understand why you feel like I did. Again, I didn’t say "I think it should be illegal". Very kind of you to invite me to talk to you "where I feel safe"……

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