Ydraw Video Scribing: Whiteboard Animation and Explainer Videos

Ydraw video scribing are some of the #1 Explainer videos in the world. Heres exciting news for anyone who has ever sweat bullets over marketing videos" "Ydraw creates videos that are so inspiring any Audience becomes hypnotized. So simple, a Child can get the message…yet so sophisticated even a genius becomes intrigued. So you have a special product or service that the world needs to hear about, but you just cant seem to get anyone to listen. We know your pain, your are not alone. Even big companies with huge marketing budgets cant seem to hold the attention of a new online visitor for more than 54 seconds. Thats the number… 54…. the amount of time you have to make a good first impression. You need Video Scribing and you need it now! Video Scribing grabs the attention of your audience…. WHY? Because we implement the strategies of psychology, that is right, we play with your brain. Video scribing uses special pattern interruption techniques, unique images, music and fast movement to keep any audience engaged. Here is what a Raving Fan shared on Facebook Mitch Powell said "I Want" Yes Mitch we get that all the time. Morata Pirsce, one of our 2744 Fans just posted on our wall… Lets hear what she had to say. ‎"9cm and they just started petocin, baby is gonna be here in no time.." Congratulations are in order and Thanks Morata for the great posts. Keep them coming. Actually Lets hear what a real customer had to say. Hi Ydraw Everyone LOVED, LOVED, LOVED the video <b>…<b>

7 thoughts on “Ydraw Video Scribing: Whiteboard Animation and Explainer Videos

  1. I love these videos. Our company saw a huge increase in sells and conversions. Ydraw is the Best!

  2. Ydraw Is awesome their videos are by far the best in the industry.

  3. video scribing rocks!!! This is amazing video scribing. Ydraw IS definitely the best video scribing company around.

  4. This is the only advertisement on youtube (those annoy adv that usually pops out before your video is played) which I don’t find annoying at all! In fact, I loved it!!!! congrats!!!!:)

  5. that guy is amazzing with a sharpie lol and im really glad i randomly clickedthis video awesome company

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