x2-hosting.de Competition Entry by xunshine

Competition Entry for: www.youtube.com in association with x2-hosting.de Hey guys, Im proud to present you my entry for the x2-hosting.de Competition, hosted by x2-hosting and tweedayy. Its also an entry for the Not Bad Community Competition, so wish me luck at both competitions! Its also a clip for The 3n19ma Community ( T3C ) ! www.youtube.com www.youtube.com How you can see Ive tried a different style, its actually a quite clean rock style and Ive had a lot of fun while doing this. Unfortunately, Ive had some problems with my usual rendersettings, thats why I had to render it the bad way but I think its still good . :P I hope you can enjoy this quite clean rock edit! Of course Ill stay at my main style ( clean chilled ) but I just wanted to give it a try. Maybe Ill make some short rockclips in the future, too. I dont know yet. Thanks to waaxzi for all the help and for being a great mate, I love you ! :) youtube.com Thats all, I hope you can enjoy my work ! Song : Kevin Figs – In here ( rock remix ) Facebook: www.facebook.com Best regards, xunshine

25 thoughts on “x2-hosting.de Competition Entry by xunshine

  1. Xunshine, I know my comment is uselles and no one will take a look at it , but this is the clip with the most flow i have ever seen. You are that editor with the Gods gift to make clips and feel them and that’s because I’m watching you all the time. Nice work Xunny :D

  2. I can’t find the awesome version of the song you used here. Could you help me finding it?
    Great clip btw ;)

  3. wow you do amazing work. i’m going to sub for cs go videos in the future :D keep up the great work

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