x2-hosting.de Competition Entry | by Oozaki

BEFORE WATCHING, PRESS 1080p and Full screen :) My friend wanted a edit for Heroes of Newerth, so I thought I might aswell give it a shot to MrTweedays Editing competition. Pls likefav and subscribe ! :) Player: www.youtube.com Music by: Mark Petrie – Abeyance West One Music – From Within Competition by MrTweeday His Channel: www.youtube.com

17 thoughts on “x2-hosting.de Competition Entry | by Oozaki

  1. Wait, what? A Behemoth with Portal Key uses his 3 active spells like he’s supposed to. Uhm… wow? I don’t get it. Looks pretty standard.

  2. It is a video more about the editing, note that it is a video for an editing competition.

  3. Would it impress you more if he didnt portal key and used none of the spells as he was supposed to?

  4. you’d think they’d learn not to group up like that after the first or second time this happens

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