x2-hosting.de Competition Entry by Jimmy;

Competition Entry for: www.youtube.com in association with x2-hosting.de So heres my entry into the x2-hosting editing competition. I put a bit more work into this clip compared to my other edits so hopefully that translates to a better result. Im not sure how much of a chance Ill have in the competition due to my older style of editing and slower song choice, but Im pretty happy with the outcome Editor: Jimmy; #InfuzedMedia. ————————————————————————————————– Programs: – Gameplay: Counterstrike: Source – Recording: VirtualDub + Movie Config – Main Editing Colour Correction: Sony Vegas Pro 9 – 3D Grenade: Maxon Cinema 4D – Compositing Motion Tracking: Adobe After Effects CS5 Thanks.

22 thoughts on “x2-hosting.de Competition Entry by Jimmy;

  1. Nah unfortunately I have no real interest in doing gaming edits which is why I’ve only made a handful over the past 1-2 years :)

  2. jimmy, are you using magic bullet looks for this clip you made or are you still using velvet matter?

    please lemme know.

  3. Please read the uploader comments so I don’t have to continuously repeat myself…

  4. I can’t play any fps game on pc and do well, and second i can’t even do the simplest of editing. Wich makes this video pretty amazing to me.

  5. Man this is awesome! Not all overdone like most edits. This one has a real flow to it. :D

  6. really nice clip … good sync :) but one thing … you should move the picture a bit while shooting … i makes it a bit more active. Not too much but just a little bit so you can feel the backfire the AWP does ;)

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