WorldSite .WS Internationalized Domain Names (IDN) by Global Domains International Global Domains International, Inc. ("GDI") is pleased to introduce International Domain Names (IDNs). For the first time, .WS "WorldSite" international domains will make it possible for international Internet users who have been limited by language and cultural barriers to gain access to the online world in their native languages character sets. -- Our Mission: FREEDOM OF ACCESS. SECURITY OF CONTENT. ™ January 28, 2011 - Egypt June 3, 2011 - Syria On two days in 2011, a combined total of more than 100 million people were suddenly cut off from the Internet. Which country is next to be shut off from the Internet without notice? Imagine how it would feel owning a business or running an organization that relied on a website being accessible worldwide and watching it get completely shut down due to a dictatorial government. Imagine being a citizen abroad trying to find information about the upheaval in your country, but the website you wanted to access was shut down because it was within the dictators control. Uneasy feeling, isnt it? January through March, 2010 - China The .CN registry reverses its policy, and requires every registrant of .CN domains to submit a copy of a Chinese business license and a Chinese citizen photo identification. Private citizens can no longer own .CN domains, only businesses. Fearing censorship and reprisals, or simply unable to come up with the required documentation, many do not comply. The .CN registry <b>...<b>