WordPress Installation on a Nexcess Hosting Account

Welcome to the Nexcess Client Support Tutorial Series! This video demonstrates how Nexcess clients can install WordPress (v3.4.1), using SimpleScripts, which is available through the SiteWorx control panel. This demo is one in a series of Client Support videos available at www.nexcess.net Please note that this video is not interactive and therefore does not require your input. In order to install WordPress, you must have an existing SiteWorx account. WordPress requires a database. During installation, you will have the option to have a database automatically created for you. If you prefer to create a database yourself, be sure to do so before installing the application, and have the databasedatabase user information handy, as you will need to specify these when installing WordPress. During the course of this demonstration, you will see how to: * Log in to SiteWorx, * Access the SimpleScripts page * Specify installation preferences for WordPress * Run the installation, * Retrieve installation details so that you can access your WordPress instance. Log in to SiteWorx using the information that is provided the "Welcome" e-mail that was sent to you when your Nexcess account was activated. On the SiteWorx menu, click on the Hosting Features group, and then select the SimpleScripts option. The SimpleScripts page shows a list of applications and services that are available to be installed. WordPress is listed under "Blogs" category. Before proceeding, click the "Terms of <b>…<b>