Win the Web 006 — Choosing a Domain Registrar

Brought to you by Best Rank (, Win the Web episode 006 discusses some key criteria to consider when choosing where to register a domain. Welcome to Win the Web. This week, were discussing how to choose a domain registrar and buy domains smartly. Domains are very easy to buy in todays online marketplace. But when it comes to buying a web address, there are a few key criteria to consider before making a purchase 1.) For how many years will you be registering the domain? Some companies offer significant discounts for purchasing domains for several years in advance. This is a practical decision if the domain is something personal or permanent, like your name. 2.) What are your hosting costs? If you need hosting in addition to a domain, be sure to look at package deals that combine domains and hosting at a discounted price. 3.) Will you need private registration? When you register a domain, your contact information is made public by default. If you dont want this, you can select private registration, with offering it for free. Thats it for Win the Web. Be sure to subscribe to get new tips as they come out each week! Thanks.