Win the Web 003 – Exact Match Domains and Choosing a Name

Brought to you by Best Rank ( Welcome to WTW, internet marketing news and entertainment. This week, were discussing exact match domains. What they are, why they matter and how to handle them. Exact match domains are web addresses, primarily .coms, that match a search query exactly. For example, appears first in a search for "cars" because of its exact match. Of course, pretty much every single domain containing common words and phrases has already been snatched up. So what do you do if you cant get the domain you want? It basically boils down to two options. 1.) You can pony up big bucks and do your best to buy the name from the current owner, if they are willing to sell. OR 2.) You can get creative by inventing your own words or using domain extensions besides .com to perform what are known as "domain hacks." Popular examples of domain hacks include Bit.y, both of which began as domain hacks that have since acquired a .com address. Other ideas include companies like Flickr and Tumblr that simply removed a letter to create their brand and domain. Exact match domains can also be created when a location or other specific detail is included in the address. This is a common way to set yourself apart from competitors, with some companies purchasing several domains that all forward to their home page. Thats it for this week. Be sure to subscribe to make sure you receive every new episode. Thanks.