Will You Be The Next Affiliate Marketing Millionaire? Or Casualty?

www.theMillionaireFastlane.com Amazon terminates 25000 affiliates in California. Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money, sometimes millions! Unfortunately, the strategy violates the Commandment of Control which introduces big risks into your entrepreneurial equation.

23 thoughts on “Will You Be The Next Affiliate Marketing Millionaire? Or Casualty?

  1. After all those videos of yours that I enjoyed very much… Can you finaly turn off the fountain in the back please ^^ ? Its realy loud :P

  2. I been in affiliate marketing for years but you definitely wont get rich off it. You have to create your own business to get rich.

  3. People are conditioned to give control to others for the sake of security… what an illusion! Great info… as usual from MJ!

  4. @KevinHarlan I’m writing a blog article about this, probably be out these week. Too long to answer here.

  5. Hi MJ, I have watched your videos recently and its such a relief to know im not the only person who thinks as you do. I am currently doing an English law degree and I’ve had thoughts of fear about the job market ect, so I have been working part time to build a small amount of capital to start my own business (hopefully online) as I know I can earn so much more than I currently do working for others.
    Maybe im a control freak, maybe il become rich, just know that you have inspired one person..ME!

  6. hey im looking into affiliate marketing as a career. thanks for that perspective. great video. thanks. seeing how waiting tables is my meat and potatoes i think ill be alright doing marketing on the side. But now i wont go and blow of my job because im going off to market full time thanks to your video

  7. Affiliate Marketing works, and is free if you now how to do it correctly. Just because some people don’t make anything then it is there problem. Next thing is that those affiliates who were banned was because they did not put a disclaimer on their site. So don’t say that Affiliate Marketing doesn’t work it does.

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  9. Thanks for pushing me to look at affiliate marketing differently. It may take me a while, but I believe I will find my "meat and potatoes" opportunity.

  10. @uniblab2006 yea me too, ive gotta use this freedom i get from affiliate marketing and try to build a "meat and potatoes" income stream too

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  14. You make it seem complicated It isn’t,
    Say if you, "Bob" said to your friend go buy this at this shop and if he does the shop that he bought it from pays Bob a percentage of of the cost for the sale. SIMPLE!

  15. I agree with him but even with having your own product there’s risk. There is no guarantee that you will get affiliate marketers to promote your product. But you should at some point at least learn how to create your own product and get some affiliates.

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