Wildfire – Felix Nobody, Notepad & Mack (Remix)

Original Song: SBTRKT-Wildfire Directed & Edited by Michael Tribby Download this track at: soundcloud.com —-Egoflow—- www.facebook.com twitter.com www.youtube.com —- Felix Nobody —- twitter.com www.facebook.com www.youtube.com soundcloud.com —- Notepad —- www.youtube.com www.facebook.com twitter.com —- Mack—- www.facebook.com www.youtube.com twitter.com For all booking and feature inquiries contact: kevin.gerardjr@gmail.com Lyrics – Intro (Mack): I could bet all of the riches that I ever had Rushing in the night like a shark babe Would that be bad If I had to set the alarm Cus those thrills that run up my back You are my star Nothing else could leave me off track Verse 1 (Notepad): Sun bathe on the the moon when an eclipse hits Rave on the moon take 3 E hits To the peak soon when the be-beat hits Shit Can we pop that Cris? Bitch Can we pop that shit? Im scandalous when im rappin this, cannabis In my hand a spliff im about to have a hit Im talented Its unanimous that Im fabulous All you mofuckas aint havin shit Oh? You have what it takes to spit? Right. In your head all you fakes legit Right? This shit right here? This shit right here is what you want in the right ears Im drunk off of nine beers But i get up on the mic and the crowd cheers Chorus (Mack): Hey, yeaaaah Youre like a wildfire You got me rising high Your innocence Whose the brave Drowning in Would you save me? Its a crime If you dont Youre the spy By the throat Verse 2 (Felix Nobody <b>…<b>

24 thoughts on “Wildfire – Felix Nobody, Notepad & Mack (Remix)

  1. My baaaaaaybiessss! So good, so proud, so confused why I’m not an extra though?

  2. In just about ever single way. The rap wasn’t needed and Little Dragon has so much more range and richness in her voice than who ever this is.

  3. They are a team. They will all do solo projects, this is just a promo video.
    -Miami Egoflow Love<3

  4. At least we share the same name
    Ps. I have 106 dollars to my name……… Ya bish =)

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