WHY IS INTERN 2 HOSTING? (Music News Week 15)

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24 thoughts on “WHY IS INTERN 2 HOSTING? (Music News Week 15)

  1. A girl named summer who is blonde and has many scars is dead and will one night come beside you bed and kill you unless you post this to five other videos

  2. all the same to me except Intern 2’s dull Jack is more interesting

  3. No, you are not Intern2! You’re Jack, that crazy creeper face white guy from jacksfilms!

  4. Jack, you BETTER be just trolling us with the whole "disc-Jockey" thing:(!!!!

  5. JACK please host again your better than scene! (no offense to scene)

  6. I heard the only reason he did this was because Scene threatened to put colorful highlights in his hair if he didn’t

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