White Collar, Season 4 – Back This January

One big answer only leads to more questions. This January, tune-in for all new episodes of White Collar, only on USA Network! Visit the official site: bit.ly Become a fan on Facebook: on.fb.me Follow us on Twitter: bit.ly

23 thoughts on “White Collar, Season 4 – Back This January

  1. All Matt’s fans are so loyal! Why are we being punished… January is after Christmas, just in case anyone’s forgotten, tooooo far into the future!

  2. 0:11 There’s a freakin gun in there….! Damn what are they doing to us?! I cannot wait until Jan.

  3. If the world really ends in 2012,does that mean i dont get to see Neal Caffrey at his best till i die?? NOOOOOOOO,January is too far away!!

  4. I’m still a little resentful they pulled the cliché but the remainder will still be killer.=P Just return it on 24th (possibly) and I’ll love WC eternaily, for sure.xD

  5. I love this show!! But I don’t have that channel ); fml I watch it on Netflix can’t wait till the 4season I hope there’s a 5th!!!

  6. I can’t wait till Janury!!! Ps: can someone tell what Neal says at minute 0:08. He says "no, you’re the…". Thanks. :)

  7. I’m so happy that a new series will start soon. White Collar – one of the best series I’ve ever seen. I think in January starts the fifth season, not the fourth…it must be a mistake.. I love all the White Collar team!

  8. Neal Caffrey is kinda my ideal guy
    gosh I miss the whole stories so much and miss you moss!!

  9. The rest of the fourth season episodes will start in January, there’s six more I believe.

  10. I want Sara and Neal back! AND I NEED to know what will happen! I wanna know how his relationship with his father and Peter will be :(
    I can’t wait 3 months.
    i cant wait 3 months without neal and sara :(

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