Where To Begin Internet Marketing For Beginners

Where To Begin Internet Marketing For Beginners onlinementornow.com Where to begin Internet marketing for the beginner will only include a few simple platforms. While many might believe this will be complicated and far too time consuming, they could not be any further from the truth. Getting started with Internet marketing for any newbie can be somewhat frustrating. There are so many people online today, guru or not, telling you what is the best way to generate traffic that you can get lost in a hurry. If you believe this outlet for building a brand and business online, you are very, very WRONG. Where to begin is by creating a solid "presence" online (ie blog and social media profiles). After that, it is all about creating the kind of content that people want to take a few minutes to know more about, thats all there is to success online.

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  1. Does Content and Keywords go hand in hand, a marriage made in heaven?. For you Content to be truly effective don’t you have to know what´╗┐ key words to research and how to place them in your article post? I will give you a call via my cell phone or skype.

  2. I guess what my question really´╗┐ is….Is it keywords first plus articles or can you just put an article out there with video then learn and add keywords in your next article or Should I wait first, learn keyword research then articles? What comes first the chicken or the egg?

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