When I change domains, how long should I leave the redirects in place?

If I get a new domain and want to 301 redirect www.old-domain.com to www.new-domain.com, how long do I have to keep the redirect up before I can start using the old domain for something else? Just until it has been crawled once? Jacob, Denmark Russian subtitles provided by Mike Shakin. Have a question? Ask it in our Webmaster Help Forum: www.google.com Want your question to be answered on a video like this? Follow us on Twitter and look for an announcement when we take new questions: twitter.com More videos: www.youtube.com Webmaster Central Blog: googlewebmastercentral.blogspot.com Webmaster Central: www.google.com

13 thoughts on “When I change domains, how long should I leave the redirects in place?

  1. in my opinion the google webmaster tool should be enough for site migration, if not, why even offering the option? thats kinda pointless.

  2. Is there any penalty for old 301’s? That wasn’t addressed in this video, but I can’t see a reason to take down a 301 redirect on a page level (domains are another issue).

  3. The simple answer should be "as long as possible" as you are not just talking about Google search results, but clicks-in from outside websites that linked to content on old-site.com and they wont know you changed your website in a way that breaks their links.

  4. It’s very important that you never give up the old domain. Because the you’re able to 301 all incoming link from the old domain to the new domain. If there are any.
    And maybe someone bookmarked the old domain.

    So I would keep the 301 for years and look into my Analytics for old 301’s from the old domain, before I skip the old domain or use it for something else.


  5. Hello Matt
    I have a problem. I made 301 redirect from mydomain.pl to mydomain.eu. After a while all my traffic moved from pl to eu. I have a few high ranked keywords, some of them on first position, but yesterday, I can find only 3 keywords, on positions 70, 80. I don’t use black SEO. Is this permanent, have my website got filter and how i can check this.

  6. Now, I lost all my positions in google. I made 301 redirect and every position vanished. I’ve read on forum that positions can come back after 6 (sic!) months . Don’t redirect if you don’t have to. There also might be a problem, bacause I redirected from mysite.pl to mysite.eu(slash)pl. It really sucks, because this was my main client source and now it’s very difficult to make enough profit.

  7. He is really very entertaining. I find him funny sometimes. Nice "dub-dub-dub"..LOL..

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