What’s your take on "addon domains"?

Whats your take on "addon domains?" Does Google penalize someone for having one or more addon domains on their main website, (or if theyre self-hosting)? eg If you saw 2, 5, or 10 websites all coming from the same IP address, would that be bad? Land Lubber, Colorado

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  1. Thanks Matt! we had a recent post on this in our blog insisting the same

  2. I didn’t get the last part. If someone registers a domain name with "google" in it, how can Google do anything about it?

  3. FU Matt, you dodged the REAL question!!! The guy asked you if Google cares or not if multiple websites come from the same IP address.

    And the answer I think to be true is YES, it matters, but only to some extent. I’m sure it’s fine to have multiple different sites on the same IP, while I’m sure that they will penalize having many similar sites on the same IP.

  4. I was looking forward to this question. You dodged the question Matt :(

  5. Matt you say things in circles. I’ve noticed this for quite a lot of your videos. You repeat the same things over and over. I never find myself watching the entire video because halfway through I’ve heard everything you have to say. You might want to work on that.

  6. Matt, you really missed the point of the question. He wasn’t asking about domain ALIASES, he was asking about multiple domains on the same IP address (ie, shared hosting).

    The short answer is, NO, Google doesn’t care if you have multiple sites that share the same IP address. While other considerations apply, the most significant issues you need to be concerned about is the quality or type of other sites sharing your IP and/or server, as this can cause your site either downtime or other issue

  7. that was my question too. I have 5 or so sites on the same hosting account as add-on domains, so 4 of them are under the subdirectory of the first website I registered with the hosting company. The sites have nothing to do with each other, different names, etc. My question is – would those other 4 sites be better off on a seperate hosting account? Obviously a dedicated IP is best, but I can’t afford that for each blog/site I manage.

  8. As long as your sites are not interlinking then you should be fine. Google will only penalize you if you try and boost your link backs between sites all from the same IP.

  9. That’s correct. It’s ok to have a few websites on the same IP range, but if you have 100 sites on the same IP range it’s going to be a negative for SEO.

  10. What about this one:

    I have +20 related domains, I started developing few days ago.
    Very the same niche.
    But they have completely different and quality content, different template,.
    The duplicate is in title, meta description of the sites.

    Will they get penalty ?

  11. So if you have TOTALLY different sites it’s best to buy DIFFERENT independent hosting for each?

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