What You Should Know Before Buying Web Hosting

live.besttechie.net - The web hosting market is over saturated and full of utterly horrible web hosts looking to rip you off with their horrendous services. I have compiled a list of tips and tricks to help you select the best host for you (and to keep you from being taken advantage of).

25 thoughts on “What You Should Know Before Buying Web Hosting

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  2. The most widely used reference resource and strategy guide for anyone thinking about buying a website online… w ww.buyingawebsite.blogspot. com

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  4. I use brain host and go daddy and I recently started web hosting with Global Domains International and its great so far because it gives you an internationalized site, not only that but you become part of the affiliate program and make commissions on referring people and commissions on the ppl they refer. Its worth checking out, visit my profile for the links and details and any questions just hit me up. Good luck guys!

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    in that way i only pay $0.01 for my web hosting on HostGator, It really works!!

  6. Another thing to add, Never buy unlimited hosting cause unlimited do not exist. Search google and you will know. I used to host with bluehost but now migrated to hostcell dot net.
    Thought would be useful.

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  9. I would also like to add a recommendation, ihostpro.co.uk, their services are unique. I have had no problems with them, their lowest price is $0.95. For everything unlimited it is $3.95/month and that includes a free domain! =)

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