What Is Network Marketing Really?

workwithgrantdunn.com So what is network marketing exactly? Well its similar but also very different than affiliate marketing. I guess its similar in which like network marketing, with some affiliate marketing systems you can build a team and earn on that team. I would have to say that affiliate marketing however usually pays much higher percentages. So if you can find the right business model and compensation plan, you stand to earn much more money with affiliate marketing. These are few and far between. See my most profitable home based business here: directdepositformula.com

2 thoughts on “What Is Network Marketing Really?

  1. Great video, but just wanna ask, do network marketing companies usually have a limit to how many ‘generations’ of commisions they can receive? For example if i invite friends and they invite friends and these friends invite friends yet again, will i be able to receive commission based on the invitation of my friend’s friend’s friend’s friend ? Sorry if i sound confusing!

  2. That’s a valid question Swift. All network marketing companies have different formulas they follow to pay their members. Obviously, not all are created equal. In other words, some are far better than others. Yes, some compensation plans do have a cap on how many generations or levels you can be paid on, while others go to infinite levels depth. Hope this helps.

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