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  1. Just need to say that Vodahost web hosting is by far the best web hosting package I have found. I was fairly new to web hosting before stumbling on Vodahost , Having tried a couple of other web hosts, I found Vodahost and they enabled me to create the website in exactly the way I wanted it. Their support forums are friendly and completely comprehensive. Many thanks to Vodahost.

  2. I can’t believe I was paying loads per month for hosting, when I could have been with VodaHost the entire time for so much less. They made the switch so easy for me and my sites have never been down. I highly recommend VodaHost web hosting. If you are shopping for a drag and drop website maker, definitely go with BlueVoda! It has great easy to follow tutorials. I have really enjoyed the community forums. They have been so informative AND PATIENT!What a great package VodaHost offers! Awesome!

  3. I have messed around with many website building programs. This one was easy as it gets, but actually better looking results than other programs if you are a little creative. The web hosting is fair, you can pay for 3 years and get the price to go even cheaper. I thought it was cool. I have already put up a new site for fun and the customer service, which I did need to contact, was right there. So, no complaints.

  4. Can’t say enough good !!!!!!!! I never thought it would be this easy to start a website, thinking I would have to learn HTML. Lets face it, who has time to learn a new language between working all day, coming home to take care of the kids, and the house. There’s just not enough time in a day. But BlueVoda made it SOOOOO simple, if I can do it, anyone can.

  5. I am barely able to use my computer but with Bluevoda and Vodahost, I was able to create a website on my own. Then I have messed it up a couple of times and had to go to the Bluevoda forum. Each time I was given all the help I needed. I totally recommend Bluevoda for anyone who wants to build a website even if you have no idea what you are doing. The tutorials give you a firm footing and all the forums have great ideas and advice. I really like the lightbox. Vodahost hosting is so worth it! Yes!

  6. Killer! I downloaded Bluevoda.. watched a few tutorials…but I caught on quick…I am not new to this kind of thing. I am fully stoked! I built sites so fast with Bluevoda and they actually look like it took weeks. I actually like their forum.. I have learned a few new tricks there! Of course, I signed up for hosting with Vodahost. Why not? It’s the best deal around. Rad!!! Yep..fully recommend Bluevoda!

  7. I downloaded BlueVoda and played with it for like 2 hours…just to check it out…then…I was like.. ok!I get it..I’ll make a site to advertise my home business and see what happens.. what the heck?!..and I have been having so much fun…(of course with Vodahost web hosting)I’m like always working with it..just because I like to be creative with it and well, my husband it starting to get irritated.. ha.. it so fun though!!!! ha! I’m completely addiiiiccctteeedddd to this Bluevoda!!!!Help!!ha!

  8. When I started to build my website, I was shopping around for the best deal and the right package. I also did not want to run into incompatibility issues with Dreamweaver and any of the shopping carts I planned on using.
    VodaHost web hosting is a great hosting service. The prices are extremely better than Go daddy and you get twice the disk space, free domain and registration, and VodaHost supports many programming languages.

  9. VodaHosting service is awesome, and BlueVoda website building software is so easy to use!A few months ago,I saw an ad about how easy it was to have your own website so I decided to set one up for my band. It was a nightmare until I found VodaHost! They had all the tools I needed including free software to design a web page myself.We have officially been trusting our exclusively to VodaHost for about 3-months now,and it has been great.VodaHost gives us options, and that rocks!

  10. I am so glad a friend recommended VodaHost. I wanted to set up a site for my salon to reach my target market. it’s nothing fancy,but it does the job,and VodaHost made it easy to get started. Im in a small town,and I tried a local web host,but they were so slow. I signed up with VodaHost, and my site was up and running in just 2-days. I was impressed with the customer service at VodaHost,and would highly recommend their hosting service to anyone who is trying to put a business page on the web.

  11. I inherited the inventory from my dads old comic book store, and I tried to sell some of the more rare stuff on e-bay. I really hated the whole e-bay process, so I decided to eliminate the middle man and just create my own web store. It actually cost me less to create my own website business through VodaHost than what it was costing me per month to list my items on e-bay. I will definitely continue to use VodaHost, and recommend it to those looking for dependable web hosting services.

  12. Vodahost keeps my sites up for what feels like 100% of the time. Their web hosting package is as cool as it gets. Loaded! Vodahost has kept their end of the bargain. I love the cPanel. Vodahost makes monitoring my site and seo easy. They have offered everything I needed. I have no reason or desire to ever leave Vodahost! Check them out! Vodahost simply rules!

  13. I have been with VodaHost for two months and have nothing but good things to say about them. My website deals primarily with media so my hosting company has to be fast. VodaHost has some of the best servers on the planet and pays attention to the details that promote speed for my clients. Some of my sites were built with dreamweaver. VodaHost is compatible so all was well on that front. VodaHost. Their uptime has been consistently great and support, if needed, is timely and efficient.

  14. I have been with VodaHost for 6months and have had a great experience. The rate is affordable, and the friendly customer service staff made the transition easy. I have had no trouble with my site, and am confident in VodaHost web hosting services. They guarantee 99.9% uptime overall, as well as unlimited data transfer and storage for about 8bucks a month. I am quite happy with the rate of service I receive from VodaHost and I am very pleased with the dependability of my website.

  15. The people at VodaHost are wonderful, and they helped me save my business. I rented a space where I ran a small pet supply store.We kept all the weird stuff like ferret food, and fancy puppy clothes.Due to increasing costs,I had to consider closing my store, but instead, I found VodaHost. I already knew what my clients expected, and VodaHost was able to guide me through process of making it happen.I am so pleased with VodaHost, and I highly recommend their services to others.

  16. Wow, I always wanted to create a Website,
    not for business or whatsoever, just for enjoyment. But I’m so glad it helped many people out of deeds, I guess you are the new Hero’s! =D

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