What is Affiliate Marketing? (Video 3)

AlphaMastermindGroup.com http What is Affiliate Marketing? by Damir and Irina For those of you who are just getting started with online marketing, Im sure youve all heard or encountered the words affiliate marketing already and you still might not have a good grasp of what it is. Affiliate marketing basically involves selling a product then consequently getting your commission from it. In order to explain how it works in an easier way, lets take Amazon for instance. When you find something you like from Amazon, like a reading tablet for example, you can make money just by writing an article about it or even just sharing on Facebook how much you like it. This is because Amazon has an affiliate program you can sign up to. From there, they will give you the links that you can promote. If a person reads whatever you share and they like your review, they could click on that link and decide to purchase it. Amazon actually tracks those links and theyll pay your commission from those. It also depends, as there are different types of affiliate programs. Each company or owner of the products has their own affiliate levels that can be 20%, 30%, 40% or 50%, depending on the promotions. Hopefully our brief explanation gave you a better idea of what affiliate marketing is. Well see you on our next video!

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