What Is Affiliate Marketing – How it Works

www.onlineincomestartup.com Click the link to read what is affiliate marketing, how affiliate marketing works. In this video youll learn how to make money online with affiliate marketing. The video details step by step how the product owner sells his products online to how he gives you money for promoting his products as an affiliate. Here are the steps detailed in the video. 1. First thing you see is the product Owner who owns the product. 2. Next you see the product which the product owner is selling, here we assume that the product is a weight loss ebook. 3. Then you see the product sales page where the product owner is selling his weight loss ebooks online. 4. Then you will see how the affiliate program is presented in the product sales page. Usually the affiliate program link is found at the bottom of the page or on a different page. This is given so that people like you will be able to make money by promoting the weight loss ebook online. 5. Here we assume that (as an example) you know many friends who are overweight and are looking for a solution to their weight loss problem, you think this ebook will be helpful to your friends, so you come in and click the "sign up as our affiliate" link. 6. Then youll be taken to a page where you can read about how this affiliate program works, how much money you will be earning per sale, when you will be paid, how you will be paid etc. And then the page usually will have an affiliate sign up form, where you fill up your <b>...<b>