25 thoughts on “What is Affiliate Marketing?

  1. Affiliate marketing is like an engine of the internet marketing and money making on the internet

  2. thank you for sharing your insights. my knowledge become broad and my understanding is well formed.

  3. You are so kind to share this information. I have been researching a little at a time over the past few years about affiliate programs. You should do seminars! I shall do the things you suggested as, I took notes! Thank you!

  4. So true I had joined allot of affiliate program before I watched her vids and just one affiliate program I stuck with that offer what I wanted I put flyer around town and I’m not doin bad at all no online marketing still learning needs help just learning

  5. Good video, I’ve a question actually… Is affiliate marketing a good idea with blogs? Thanks!

  6. Thanks for simplifying Affiliate Marketing – there re a lot of get rich schemes out there to navigate past, so newbie affiliates need simple guides on how to get started with affiliate marketing. Is it ok to add a link to your videos to our website, Affiliates School?

  7. Great Video :) !! does anybody want to view my channel, it’s affiliate marketing and I’m one of the Top Leaders in it.

    I subscribed, keep up the good work !

  8. Hey… this is a really nice video… am starting at this whole stuff and been watching these videos together with this blog
    hoping to learn fast!

  9. @lisa3876 I am going to sign up for paypal, I am developing a website that I intend to make revenue strictly on commission and advertising. Do I need to sign up for the Business version of can I just use the Personal version? PS your vids ROCK you are my official mentor!

  10. Lisa,
    Very nice work. I’ve self-trained in researching Affilliate Marketing and I see how people are raving about the success they have with it, yet I was a bit overwhelmed. I will say your guidance has made all the difference. I was looking for some simple step-by-step instructions to do this (my part-time job). I now realize the importance for a niche and to teach. Thanks for the info, I’ll check out your other vids. Please visit my Holiday site & send me comments.

  11. Good video. I know a guy with a great affiliate training program. check out my channel for more information

  12. this is very helpful, a lot better than the other videos i have seen on affiliate marketing. thank you so much <3

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