What is a Domain Name?

www.123-reg.co.uk In this tutorial were going to look at the relationship between domain names and website addresses. First of all, what is a domain name? Domain names are made up of 2 parts, the domain name and the domain name extension. To help us understand the role domain names play, lets take a look at a website address: www.website.com The universal www dot prefix represents the World Wide Web. This is followed by website (the domain name) and dot com (the domain name extension). Together these 3 elements form the website address, otherwise known as a URL. Typing a URL into your web browser allows you to view the website to which the address belongs. A URL will appear in your web browser address bar whenever you are connecting, or connected, to a website. Top tip: website addresses can often look quite complicated. This is because www.website.com is only an address where web files are stored. So when you see an address like www.website.comnews, www.website.com has a file called news stored on it. In the next tutorial well look at how domain name extensions work. www.123-reg.co.uk