What Companies Need To Do To Prepare For ICANN’s New gTLDs

The time is quickly approaching for the Internet to be introduced to a whole new array of generic top-level domains (gTLD). Last year, ICANN made its historic decision to allow companies and individuals to purchase their own gTLD. Although the decision was met with much criticism, especially from the advertising community, it was not reversed. The application process began in January and was scheduled to end April 12th; but, the deadline was extended to the 20th due to a technical glitch. While the applicants have yet to be revealed, analysts are already predicting legal and trademark issues. For this reason, Joe Luthy, the Global Marketing Director for Melbourne IT, told us that companies need to start preparing now by looking at what trademarks and brands are important to them going forward. When the applications are revealed in May, companies will then have a better understanding of whether or not someone has applied for a similar gTLD and will be able to object quickly if the need exists.