What are web servers? Why are they necessary? – Web Hosting Tutorial

What are web servers? Why are they necessary? • Web servers are basically the computer systems set up by a web hosting company. These servers are put together at a place called datacenter. • The main purpose of a web server is to store data of various websites and make it available to the visitors, who wish to access the website. • A server should be able to handle ample of requests occurring simultaneously. The main components affecting the server response is the website traffic and hardware capacity. More popular websites will require a good server to fulfill its needs. • It is not necessary that the expensive servers will be good without the use of appropriate software applications. • The key software programs of a server are generally termed as servers only, and the specific term for it is daemons. • Most web hosting servers have these softwares: # HTTP or web server # FTP server # Email server # Data server • Web related servers may or may not be allowed by your Internet Service Provider (ISP). • You need to check the speed of your connection for getting rapid response for your servers. The downloading speed will be dependent on the upload speed of the server. The connection can be as fast as 10K MB, but it is expensive even to purchase 100 MB to your house. Web hosting company can provide it to you at optimum cost. • It is important to choose a right web hosting provider because the reputed hosting companies will never let you down and there will be no halt in the <b>…<b>

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