Website Names Broker for PREMIUM Domains and Website Names Welcome to Website Names Broker .com where you will find more than 500 PREMIUM domains for sale. PREMIUM domains are short, easy to remember and contain at least one keyword relevant to a Niche, Hobby or business and are a .com (not .net, .org etc) We are a domain reseller and some of the domains are listed for sale elsewhere. As soon as a negotiation for a name completes that domain is removed from the list on the website and a new one replaces it — this means the list is DYNAMIC. Possibly changing a number of times throughout a given day. Lets go on a quick tour of the site so you can see how easy it is to use and we may find some domains in your specific categories or niches. The site has a top navigation bar with 12 listings starting with the ENTIRE LIST this runs alphabetically from BUSINESS all the way through 19 categories to TRAVEL Next is NEWEST as suggests this has the most recently added domains. Some of the remaining tabs may have related categories combined like BUSINESS and CAREER. Just click on what interests you and youre taken straight to that section. Youve probably noticed a market valuation is listed beside each domain. These market valuations are from who valuate ONLY domain names (not websites). The valuations are based on PAST SALES of related domain names. This market valuation is a gauge to assist you to decide on the offer you choose to make on a domain that youre interested in. As you can see the list is <b>…<b>