‘We are hosting a summer World Cup’

Al Jazeeras Lee Wellings talks to Qatar 2022 committee member Nasser Al Khater about the issues the nation faces before tournament arrives.

17 thoughts on “‘We are hosting a summer World Cup’

  1. They are horrible on human rights. Very sad that FIFA would allow the World Cup to be held there. SHAME ON YOU FIFA!!!

  2. What type of human rights violations have they committed? Certainly not invading and plundering soveriegn nations right?

  3. All nation states are evil constructs built on theft and authority, some are just able to be worse than others but none of them are not-evil, not-antihuman and fair or just. People need to get that.

  4. Why did they even get the 2022 World Cup in the first place? I would’ve loved to see the World Cup come back to the US, but if we were to lose the bid, it would’ve been nice to lose it to Australia. Oh well, I guess oil money speaks volumes.

  5. who told you women can’t drive in qatar? and who told you there are different sects in qatar? you’re an idiot.

  6. Why Qatar? So freaking hot and far. Why not North America? Mexico, US or Canada, any of those would be good. The weather is pretty nice and they have the means to hold such event.

  7. yes they can and so can UAE too only Saudi women cant drive douche bag.
    its only Saudi Arabia that woman cant drive. stop listening to Jew media sheep.
    the only human rights violations and broken every international law is committed by Jew’s nations. they should not have the games simple. just like Zion British Olympics. thank god i did not watch it.

  8. Ahmed337799 I’m not sure where you stand on this and I don’t really care. Gay people are humans. And the way many Middle East countries, INCLUDING Qatar, go about in handling the subject or gay individuals is barbaric and medieval!! I love soccer but I know I will not watch the games being held in a country with sick and twisted thinking on that issue!!

  9. So because being gay is taboo that makes Qatar a barbaric country? Being gay is still taboo in most Western countries. I grew up in Canada and the word "Gay" was always considered an insult.

  10. Ahmed being gay is not taboo for it dates back to the ancient times! It’s religion and narrow minded people who has made the topic of being gay or being gay period taboo! The middle east (including Qatar) have had horrid human rights violations towards anyone being gay! Such as being stoned to death or hung!
    The western world is still in its accepting phase but I don’t see our governments killing us because we find happiness in the same sex.

  11. Jojo ash your response shows how idiotic you are! So much so that it deserves no more attention.

  12. football is gay anyway and gay people watch it. just like gay american football, gay ufc and gay WWE wrestling etc just saying.

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