Warcraft III Hosting (Windows 7)

Website: adf.ly Main Warcraft III Hosting Video (Windows XP) : www.youtube.com Linsys Router Hosting Video: www.youtube.com All Music Credits go to Anwar Louis (ChampionAnwar) on Newgrounds.com. The song can be found here: www.newgrounds.com Port Forward Website: portforward.com Questions? Comment or Message me. Thanks!

19 thoughts on “Warcraft III Hosting (Windows 7)

  1. can some1 help me with something? what i do i need to write in the login page? ID abd p/w of what?

  2. Dosnt work for me i have tryed with the ip and all that, worked on my last computer, but not on this new windows 7 computer

  3. dude, this is soooo fking confusing I don’t know what he’s trying to tell me

  4. How about this video was helpfull just at the End you press cancel? So, dont set rules?

  5. I have a Atlantis router . Im still having problems . I saw in the video you had 2 ports that said 6112 , do I need two ? And they both said "No" for "Enabled" .

  6. @Jarock123 Nothing happens when I typ in
    And if it works, where can I find that login?

  7. My problem is strange! I can host regular WC 3 maps without any problem but if it comes to custom maps, like element TD or Footman i cant host them ( i can host but noone join) I dont use a router and anyways i dont think its a port problem since people can join on the official maps. Anyone got the same problem ? any info? :)

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