Visalus Scam | One click gives you the whole Scoop! Visalus Scam. Are you concerned about a Visalus Scam? It is wise of you to check out the Visalus company and opportunity to be sure it is right for you. Let me start off and let you know right up front that you need not worry about a Visalus Scam. Visalus is a very solid company and has great products. It has been around since 2005 and has excellent leadership and stability. The Body by Vi 90 challenge is a very popular weight loss or fitness challenge and I see this company being around and successful for a long time. Unfortunately good companies like Visalus sometimes get the word scam attached to them. This is usually because Many of the Visalus distributors dont make the kind of money they hoped to and they yell Visalus scam because they were not successful. People dont usually want to take personal responsibility for their failures and so they often blame the company or products and this is where a large amount of the Visalus Scam claims originate. I really do understand the disappointment people feel when their new business does not meet their expectations. That leads to another reason people sometimes talk about Visalus Scam. Many people enter into network marketing with unrealistic expectations. They got in thinking of big houses, exotic vacations and new cares. Unfortunately some network marketing companies hype these things in such a way as to set their new distributors for disappointment. But this does not validate the Visalus Scam claims and <b>...<b>

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