Vietnam Vet & Internet Marketing Guru Team Up To Help Launch New Penny Aution Co

We have cracked the codeo of attraction marketing & it is only going to get better. Call me @ 864-505-6316 or…..We plan on dwarfing penny auction companies like Bidify or Zeek Rewards. We know nothing wrong with the companies but HEY…whats wrong with another one that is higher tech and eliminated challenges they had. Now, I did not say we would not face some challenges. The way we are going to grow with the speed of light we will have some tweeks. Our team is going to start having some generic calls to keep everyone up to date. You should conect with us. I am taking a class July 16 & 17th that will allow us to connect to basically anything that you can find on the Internet. It is all approved and completly ethical & compliant. This will allow to move and keep our content at the top of the search engines. We are able to clone websites and videos for our affiliates at no cost. Jim About FTC Compliance: FTC Consumer Alert issued back in august of last year may help explain the moves Zeek Rewards have been making to protect their business model and the affiliates who are building the business.