VIDEO REVIEW: LeadPlayer: Best video player for Internet Marketers (subscribe for more videos, tips, behind-the-scenes interviews and more) About DSG TV & The Rise To The Top: is all about helping aspiringrising mediapreneurs (peeps who create online media, experts, authors, thought leaders, personal brands, coaches, Internet marketersinformation marketers) grow their biz like a weed & dominate online createdhosted by me (Hi, Im David Siteman Garland) for you. VERY rarely does a product come along that gets me so excited that I must: #1: Immediately start using it (immmmedddiattellyyyy!) #2: Want to tell everyone else about it This is one of those products. Clay Collins from LeadPlayer reached out to me a few months ago about an amazing video player that is freaking perfect for Internet Marketersmediapreneurs, etc. In this video review of LeadPlayer, I talk about the key game-changing features that nabbed my attention, results since Ive starting using it and much more including a contest! Want to nab your copy of LeadPlayer? Sweet use my special affiliate link:

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  1. This is revolutionary! Finally! I’ve been trying to play both fields and have people subscribe on You Tube because it was easier than having people opt in on my site. Well no more my friend. Now I can forever more send them to my site! Thank you David. I owe you one!

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