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  1. Fail overclocking motherboard. Epic fail that he knows how to switch to watercooling and doesnt understand his terms >.>.

  2. to the 1st caller: try rivatuner, its overclocking without bios settings. but im not sure it could overclock cpu there. long time since ive used it.

  3. HP is plastic and overpriced, fills your computer with crappy software that slows your system down like aids slows down your sex life. Their BIOS is BLOCKED for overclocking. The only way you can get rid of it is to reinstall windows and if you get the drivers on their site you get the crappy software back. The only resolution is to get the drivers from third party sites.

  4. Here is the safest way to overclock. First find out what the temperature your CPU or GPU is. Then buy some thermal paste. Would highly recommend Arctic Cooling MX-4 – Thermal paste. And then replace the thermal paste on your CPU or GPU. Then you will notice the temperature dropped. Then when you overclock keep on testing it out until the temperature is the same as it was before you replaced the thermal paste.

  5. dell is better for gaming. The XPS line is stronger.. except for ofcourse the fx cpu series…

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