Video Marketing, Social Media and Internet Marketing Tip: Commercials – Want to know how to use video marketing, YouTube marketing, social media consulting tips and Internet marketing strategies to your advantage regardless of whether or not you live in the St. Louis, MO area or not? 314-649-8437. Want to know why so many people wont watch more than 10 seconds of your videos? Want to know why they move on to watch something else before they even see the good stuff youve made for them? What Im about to tell you may anger the social media agency or social media consulting company you hired to help you with your Internet branding. It might even make you feel bad for wasting your money on social media strategies or social media consultants that didnt work in the past and arent working now. Its no secret that Im a huge fan of video email marketing, YouTube marketing and video promotion on video channels other than YouTube as well. Heres the deal. You better tell someone what theyre going to get and you better do it quickly. Or, theyre not likely to watch more than a few seconds of your video. A client recently hired some of the social media consultants on our staff to produce some educational online marketing videos. As soon as we finished shooting, he told us to hold off until he sent us his introductory video clip so it could be added to the beginning of all the videos. He liked it because it had his theme music as well as his company logo. He DEFINITELY wanted it at the beginning of all his videos. He was <b>…<b>