Video Editing Software for Mac

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25 thoughts on “Video Editing Software for Mac

  1. you can also do movie with Android it also has been done just google it. All you need to do is edit very good no matter what editing software your using. 1080p is 1080p unless you buy 4K camcorder which is like 6,000 koodles for you if you can buy that but to see 4k 100 percent need a 4K Monitor or TV. 4K is 3 times more than The New Ipad display. 4k is 3.5 more than 1080p displays yeah 1080p displays is only 50 percent different than the new ipad when 4k is 300 percent different than ipad 3.

  2. Wow, thank you so much. I’ll have to get the trial of FCPX and try that out. It seems to work very nicely for what I’m trying to do. Again, thank you very much.

  3. Well…there is not evidence Pinterest is for women, however I kind of see why you think it is. If you open the homepage of Pinterest the first things you’ll see are dresses, sweet cakes and pies, (home)decorations and more of those things. I admit that the mainpage isn’t about nuts and bolts, nascar, monstertrucks, fast motorbikes etc.:P But that doesn’t mean it aint for men. Pinterest is growing and just a social media thing to share your stuff. You might even make some money with it…enjoy!

  4. I got Final Cut Pro X 10.0.3 for FREE and Motion X for FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    very cool.

  5. imo Apple messed up iMovie with iMovie 8. HD was solid, but I’m no fan of the later editions. I remember using Sony Vegas back in 2006, and would use that anyday over iMovie 11.

  6. At least I had somewhat of reasoning for saying Pinterest for Women. But Yugioh is a card game, which applies to a wide demographic. But, as you searched my profile just to attempt to "burn" me, I can see you are a lowlife stalker who wasted their time on me. Congratz.

  7. That might be true, but I bet 80% of the vacuumcleaner users were women too in the 50’s or 60’s:P Now both men and women use the vacuumcleaner and cook etc.
    So..lets change this women/men thing:D Change isn’t always bad.

  8. See there you go, why are you judging someone on what they do?? Just cos your mum goes on it doesn’t mean only women do, same with yugioh and kids. sop stop jumping to conclusions on things!

  9. Hey David, I know this isn’t related to this video. But I have to ask. Have you ever thought about creating an app for the apple app store?

  10. You sir, are oblivious to common sense, and are too immature to function in the comments section. I haven’t judged anyone. I evaluated you based on your actions, and any sane man or woman would agree with me that it is weird to dig up dirt on someone in his/her free time in order to insult them on the internet. Pinterest is for women. I now am able to understand it is also for men, but mainly it is like a womens’ magazine online. Yugioh has no relevance. Now, shut up.

  11. Good video. But I have to disagree with you, I worked with FCP7 (Apple Certified), and I was really excited for FCPX. Once it came out I was disappointed. FCPX was a step back, not a step forward. A lot of Industry Giants have jumped ship to AVID (Mind you looks a lot like FCP7). And in my department we have just jumped to the AVID ship as well. It is really sad, I used FC for 5-6 years and it was really hard to leave Apple. The updates do help, but it really is too late. Motion is great though!

  12. I respect your opinions on video editing a great deal. You obviously make very professional looking videos like 700. However my experience with Final Cut Pro X has been horrible. It just doesn’t seem to like me or my computer. Final Cut Pro 7 is my favorite so far. The main thing I do not like in ten is the inability to rearrange and/or separate the windows. Unfortunately, I don’t this is capable of an update.

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