Video Editing Software – Easy Editing on the PC Video Editing Software – Easy Editing on the PC Join Dr. Marc and Charlie as they show you how easy it is to get started editing video on a PC with software you probably already have (like Windows Movie Maker) or that you can easily get like (Sony Vegas Studio). While Dr. Marc and Charlie have migrated over to the Mac platform, they both started out and learned the basics working on the Windows platform. They key concept is to understand the process of editing video. Once you know the steps, you can easily learn to work on any of the different operating systems and software systems. Its no different than the world of word processing. Its not the software that matters. Once you know the process of organizing your material and writing, you can learn to work on Microsoft Word, Word Perfect, or Pages on the Mac. Dont let the thought of learning how to edit video stop you from using this incredibly powerful tool. Video is so a critically important to not only getting your business marketing messages noticed, but to DOMINATE search results around the keywords that you want to control. This is especially true for highly trained professionals. Your skill and expertise, when captured on video, is the kind of great content that people want to find online. Video is being preferentially ranked in Googles search results, especially if you are hosting your video on YouTube. Google owns YouTube and has a vested interest in making it the primary source for <b>…<b>

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