TYT Hour – October 11th, 2010

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17 thoughts on “TYT Hour – October 11th, 2010

  1. Students can talk about both but when a teacher proselytizes either then it is illegal.

  2. I hate when Cenk is out of town,but Cenk & Ana still have great chemistry even with the great mile distance

  3. If the teacher was asked its ok. If he goes around flautning it like many gays/lesbians i konw thenyeah you should be fired.

  4. Preist in the Cathloic churh were Gay 99% of slept with little boys. Gays sleep with complete strangers in public place’s in the age of concent. Gay’s are the most intolerent and vicious. A man and a Women make a baby. The sexualization of young children is part of the the Gay agenda. Gay’s are not a Race. Your not victums i’m sorry to tell you but you fit the steriotype. Sleep with who you want. but to the normals its disgusting. Someday that birthdefect will be fixed. and honesty will return

  5. Remember the finch story? I think Cenk has more colors than Ben gave him credit for

  6. @BalooDumptruck. Yea i’m sorry the truth hurts. Go and pretend your a good person. Your intolerant of nature and logic. And gays try and denie peaple the right to vote. very immoral your not a race no specail rights

  7. I don’t know who in their right might pay them to do this? Or listen to them? I dont know why they are all over youtube as if anyone cares about them. Even for propaganda, they are pretty lame.

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