TYT Hour (Hosted By Dylan Ratigan) – May 27th, 2010

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21 thoughts on “TYT Hour (Hosted By Dylan Ratigan) – May 27th, 2010

  1. Dylan Ratigan is one of the most repulsive advocates of outright Jew-hatred in America today. Only a sociopath like him could paint Ahmedinajad as a good guy. The fact that he has the stars and stripes in the background makes me sick to my stomach.

  2. Big news reaching out to alternative media hmmmm. Can anyone say desperate? It is true that Ratigan could be sincere but do not forget that Big news corps have been losing tons of money lately. Here’s the million dollar question: Are Beck and Ratigan truly examples of people within Big News actually wakening up to corrupt government? Or are they merely desperate attempts to save their propaganda elite-controlled News machines?

  3. @Awaken4God Desperate? It’s called intelligent. Every single corporation would love a pure outlet from which to reach out to the youth.

  4. My sis met him a few times in NY, said Ratigan is very nice. Apparently she said Jim Cramer is a sleeze ball.

  5. @theyoungturks…today is Thursday July 14th 2011. Dylan Ratigan, on his MSNBC show today, had on as a guest John Hofmeister, a now retired, former CEO for Shell. Yes, THAT Shell that was one of the largest companies supporting S.Africa during the Illegal & disgusting Aparthied regime that kept Nelson Mendela rotting in a prison cell for 27 yrs. Dylan just about gave him a kiss on the cheeck for being on his show. Cenk/TYT, WHY would you have Dylan ANYWHERE NEAR your program?

  6. Hahahaha, Dylan was skinny and weak!
    Dude must be juicin’ now a days. Really.
    Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

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