TYT – Extended Clip July 19, 2011

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21 thoughts on “TYT – Extended Clip July 19, 2011

  1. Real enemy of Greece, Europe & America – Jew

    Goldman Sachs CEO, Lyold Blankfein is Jew

    IMF Deputy CEO, John Lisky is Jew

    Ex IMF CEO, Dominic Strauss is Jew

    World Bank CEO, Robert Zoellick is Jew

    Ex World Bank CEO, James Woolfesen is Jew

    Fed Chairman, Ben Bernanke is Jew

    Ex Fed Chairman, Alan Greenspan is Jew

    Obama Treasury Secretary, Timothy Geithner is Jew

    George Bush Treasury Secretary, Hank Paulson is Jew

  2. Actually republic literally means that the people are in control of the country.

  3. Murdoch runs slime papers, engages in "ambush journalism" and produces propaganda, and Uygur thinks Murdoch wouldn’t have approved?

    Murdoch created a corporate culture where such behaviour was encouraged. Just like Abu Ghraib, Murdoch created an environment with loose rules that made this possible. And just like Abu Ghraib, those who made it possible are being allowed to avoid responsibility while the middlemen are told to fall on their swords.

  4. – That’s due in large part to America having almost anything you could want, within arm’s reach more often than not. We’re no longer a people who search…we just take whatever’s around.

  5. To TYT: Please never mention the "liber@l media" again–it only feeds the flames that such a silly thing exists.

  6. so accrording to cenk company owners have no responsibilty as to what happens in their company as long as their not directly responsible.if only the military operated the same way but hey i guess cenk doesnt care that a multi billionare is getting away with this.

  7. Pie throwing IS stupid, you might get attention, but negative one. I’m all for an organization that gives lovely/useless presents to politicians that have been acting stupid/corrupt/lying. Be more subtle. Give them a rose on behalf of your organisation, then when someone investigates the ‘present’ have them find out they give presents to people as a token of recognition of their stupidity.
    I’d love to see the face of the recipient when they find out. Oh hey, thank. Why? Oh whaT! ZOMG!

  8. what a lame excuse from betty white… there are a couple of much more important reasons why any woman with at least a bit of moral grounding would not go for a military guy…
    which is why… well… it shouldn’t have been a surprise with mila, i suppose… but still – everybody more than a random dude from the street who does something i despise for moral reasons is a big disappointment to me :/

  9. Well, Vicky Ward did write The Devils Casino, which is not a bad book about Lehman Brothers

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