TYT – Extended Clip – April 11, 2011

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19 thoughts on “TYT – Extended Clip – April 11, 2011

  1. I don’t think you should be saying that… Would you rather have rednecks like Mccain and Palin up there? I think not… Don’t be so ignorant. He might be doing great now, but hey, we’re talking about the same country that voted Bush in TWICE!

  2. but i could not be disappointed by Palin, id get exactly what i deserved.

  3. I don’t know if I would say he was the most disappointing, but disappointing nonetheless. The sad part is he has the capacity/potential to do much better. He is exceptionally intelligent, he just doesn’t use it. Much of the criticism directed toward him, is much of his own doing, or lack of doing or conceding to people who really don’t like him. Perhaps much of the disappointment comes from the fact that he is following the worst president in the history of the country and the mess left over

  4. 42:29 lol! She said myspace!
    Who uses myspace?

  5. So sad… Good old US stupidity 100% in your face about fashion. Comparing runaway shows with what you wd wear or not is like comparing wallpaper with contemporary painting/art. Just show that despite their progressive views, a US citizen is still a US citizen and laking the basics cultural/artistic knowledge a european citizen wd have. That’s a little sad but heh

  6. 85 miles per hour! Fffff… That’s 136 km/h. In Australia, the absolute maximum, which you can only do on open country highways and I think maybe some freeways, is 110km/h. That’s just over 68mi/h. I didn’t realise how fast that was. Jeebus.

  7. I never did understand US Politics. And this with people celebrating Billions. What happened to the numbers that matter the trillions? Unless they are multi-millionaires there is no way the same kind of juicy house buying moments we had just a few years ago, could continue or return. This is bloody outrageous!

  8. I hope the remark about allowing people to buy their own homes is not going to go down the path of saying, "You earn 5 times less that we normally need to buy a house, but we like you and we are greedy bastards who are finding hard without the effective ‘back-handers that plan gave us! Anything like the last those buying frenzies, and the west will be broke.
    Hello China, yes of course you can take over the rest of the usa’ Financial state. Your country makes almost all we buy anyway, welcome!

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  10. gearge bush was not a disappointment, no one sane expected anything good from him.
    i didnt say no one was worse. but people had great hopes about Obama.

  11. I am trying to figure out what you expected Obama to do. He said he was going to reform healthcare. CHECK! He said he was going to hunt down Bin Laden. CHECK! He has completely reversed the jobs trend to start digging out of the hole Bush put us in. I’m trying to figure out what you wanted from him a COOKIE! He only represents 1/3 of the government. He is not a dictator! His job is not to make your life better. That is your JOB!!

  12. healthcare reform is a joke.
    i stopped caring about osama 10years ago, he was suppose to finish wars.
    jobs are still bad, economy is bad, and the banks+oil are still most profitable branches of economy. stopping trend and reversing it are two different things.
    he could lead 2/3rd of government, he decided to not even do 1/3rd.

    btw. its exactly his job to make american lives better, thats the only reason for having elected officials.

  13. yep … the democrats do suck, which is why I left them and went Libertarian. Although I can’t EVER see myself EVER voting GOP … so Libertarians won by default.

  14. Just stop taking social security out of my checks, keep half of all that I’ve contributed so far (30 years +) … and I’ll take care of myself. I am tired of government and the rich f-ckers that control the government (don’t get offended if you are rich and do not control the government).

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