TYT Brings Huge Ratings on MSNBC

Cenk describes the ratings success of his guest host appearance on Dylan Ratigans program from July 6 and 7.

19 thoughts on “TYT Brings Huge Ratings on MSNBC

  1. name one thing Barack Insane Obama has done to advance Capitalism, free market economics, or growth of the private sector. NOTHING. We have a Marxist-Leninist president, you elected him, we’re throwing him out in 2012 and politically strangling his entire agenda until then starting in January.

  2. ‘I’ think that everyone that lives out of America only sees the outrageous side of things, and the uneducated in an educated/multi-cultured world is something that just shoots at people…People in America are only stupid because they think that everything is fine and will be dealt by someone else…(and can’t fit an entire segment in this, just saying) =D

  3. Most of the GOP is left of center, the entire GOP establishment is left of center… George W. Bush was a liberal Republican.

  4. I’m a drone? LOL. I don’t watch Hemorrhoid for that matter, he’s irrelevant and hijacking the tea party movement. YOU are the drone because it’f fairly evident that you actually trust the mainstream media. The only truly free media outlets are on the internet and a handful talk-radio hosts, and from time to time Fox does a decent job but other times they are just a wing of the Republican party. The New/Alternative media is strong, that is why they are doing their best to shut it down

  5. TYT talking truth? What a joke

    More like talking hyperbole, innunendo, and half truths. Taking things said out of context or providing no context at all. 

    Hypocrisy at its finest. On par with Fox News.

  6. Wow quite shameless in my opinion,which makes you a perfect fit for msnbc.

  7. I wonder how many views in a day… 600,000?!?! WASEEKDA!!! (WA SIKTIR!!)

  8. BAHAHAHA, such huge ratings that they sacked hin??

    Oh but he got sacked because, ‘people in washington,’ wanted him out. What a narcissistic hack.

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