Trish Tuesday! – 10/16/12 (Full Ep)

Trish Nelson is guest-hosting today! Tweet in questions to @TrishN_LovesYou with #MyDamnChannelLIVE. Get in the chat at 3:50 PM EST, and lets get the show started. More Trish: More My Damn Channel:

23 thoughts on “Trish Tuesday! – 10/16/12 (Full Ep)

  1. yes let’s become astronauts and go to pluto. he’;s sad because he’s no longer a planet :/

  2. Yeaahh I asked if she was ok from twitter ya that was me :) Is ut weird that i have this is love by in my head and then she says ‘can you feel the love?’ Thats like the lyrics to the song.. COINCIDENCE????

  3. Did MyDammChannel fire Grace? That’s what the networks do; move you from Thursday to Tuesday and then fire you…

  4. I want to join you in the caring heart kingdom but your invite did not include directions.=c(

  5. What if one single wisher that you wished for wished that all of the wishes in this wishing orgy were null and void. Good luck solving all your world problems then right?

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