21 thoughts on “Transit of Venus – Live

  1. No for those countries which haven’t witnessed morning yet are the only ones who can watch it but those countries who have witnessed it will be seeing it again on 2117 i.e. 105 years later

  2. No. These events are very rare. The next one will happen on Dec 10, 2117.

  3. why dont u just google it instead of offending people that just offers informations about the transit?

  4. You unaware that Venus takes six hours to cross the disc of the Sun? These people are amazing for providing a live coverage of the event anyway.

  5. im in melbourne and i slept in to see it, where can i see it as if i was watching it from the ground?

  6. No, just pissed I missed it. My life has that much less meaning. Have a nice day.

  7. I think that’s the best plan. Of course, you could also see the transit of Venus from Mars in 2030.

  8. Most exciting future transits are – take place on August 19, 2030 (transit of Venus from Mars) and
    on 22 Nov 2065 — Venus transits Jupiter .

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