Top 10 Best Web Hosting Reviews – SCAMS EXPOSED

Visit for more information. Are "HOST REVIEW" sites honest? Are they unbiased, impartial, and factual... or are they just after your money? How does a hosting company get on the "top 10" list? Amazingly most hosting reviews websites have one thing in common They are getting paid by hosting companies for reviews (either directly in the form of advertising or indirectly via affiliate commissions) -- making their reviews extremely biased, one-sided, and highly questionable in terms of accuracy. They all promote the same group of companies. The reason that the same hosting companies always make it to the "top" of the hosting comparison charts is because those companies, one way or another, pay to be listed there. These hosts include Host Monster, Blue Host, Lunar Pages, IX Webhosting, InMotionHosting, StartLogic, Host Pappa, Pow Web, etc. Its a well-known fact web hosting companies running their affiliate programs through Commission Junction offer among the highest affiliate commissions in the hosting industry. Thus "clever" PPC (pay per click) affiliate marketers decided: why not create websites with "top web hosting companies" lists and list these companies as "top"? Hosting company reviews seldom base their "rating" on their quality of service (although many claim to). Instead, most of them rate a webhost on the *size* of the affiliate commission. Those web hosts offering the highest commissions usually get the top spots -- because those <b>...<b>

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  1. @jimmimak You certainly can create your own server(s) and put a website online. Not nearly as cheap as webhosting. You could compare needing to pay for hosting to run your website just like you need to pay for gas to run your car. Of course, you could always get your own fuel….but not nearly as cheap as just paying for it at a gas station.

  2. So is GoDaddy a bad place for webhosting to? They have been around for years and I always thought they were on the up and up. Just bought a site from them.

  3. @jimmimak because the bandwith you will get will be significantly lower than the one you would get with a hosting service. at 24mbps adsl connection you get 1 mbps upload That’s like 256kbytes per second. That is almost nothing! Lets not forget also that you may want to put media (video streaming) and that would be impossible with a personal line. You will have to get a really expensive buisness line and those start at 300-400$ per month compared to the 10$ of the hosting service.

  4. i found this video very helpful. I happened to come across quite a few of these "review" websites, and I saw right through them. One thing that gave it away was all the sites had very different lists for the top 10.
    so now that we know not to trust any- who DO you trust? I want to start a small ecommerce website, so i need the shopping cart capabilities. any suggestions on who to go to? I also was looking into iPage- but after reading yulkwondo below, i don’t know now. help!

  5. I’m so glad you put this on you-tube. Just yesterday I was checking out web hosts & saw this "review" SCAM at the top of google’s lists. Then I saw that THEY GET PAID FOR THIER "UNBIASED" REVIEWS!! Aagh! Why are soooooooo many people shady & corrupt by greed. Scumbags! And the person who remarked about "Fat Cow" being shady, is TOTALLY CORRECT. When I checked out there Domain I thought, "what a great, green, thoughtful company," and I totally planned on doing business with them.

  6. Continuation- Then I went on the Fat Cow website & the FIRST thing it asks for is your credit card number. I input it because I figured they would need it for the "monthly billing" that they advertise for1 Well their system had glitches & i could not even build my site, and when I called thier c/s the same night, I got absoluteley nowhere. AND THEY TOOK MY CREDIT CARD INFORMATION AND WITHOUT MY PERMISSION BILLED IT FOR AN ENTIRE YEAR OF SERVICES!!! I reported them to my bank for fraud.

  7. -Continued- I reported them to my bank for fraudulent activity & my bank ruled in my favor & I recieved all of my money back. If they do this to you also, you should report them to your financial center. They (Fat Cow) are not a conscientious company like they portray.

  8. @therocketgirlchannel if you do a search on my blog for endurance international group you will find that fat cow is just one of the many hosts they own that appear in top 10 lists.

  9. Good video and nicely put together. I found this video when i started visiting webhost review sites… i was thinking, what’s the deal… #1 according to one review site doesn’t even feature in the top 25 list of another site, so i was thinking something ‘fishy’ was going on. And it seems that there are just about as many hosting review sites as there are webhosts. And I also found some ‘customer reviews’ on one webhost that was exactly the same on another which clearly marks them as fraudulent!

  10. @alliax Yes and taxes are paid by whom? Seriously I see people put more into a website when they actually pay for it then when they get it for free. Honestly at around $10 a year for a domain, and a few bucks a month for hosting, the burden should be on the people who want a site, not the tax payer.

  11. @VistaCerralvo you missed the point, its not that the hosts are a scam. Its the review sites, who do this only to get paid. They do not actually see if the hosts they recommend actually live up to their claims. In most cases they don’t even host with them.

  12. @tcbaqua I used to host with them, but the server I was on became to slow. Support seems to often to deal with someone that has to go through a faq section. Which honestly after 4 years of hosting my site on their servers I did not start using support til last year. In general they may be ok for a start up site where you don’t have questions support wise you might be ok,

  13. @seanyboy107 I suggest not trusting any of them. For tips on finding your own host I recommend reading my July 12, 2011 post titled "My Top Ten Host……. tips — How to pick a shared host"

  14. I dont know why people host with godaddy, I just find them like a domain seller, thats it. Also, nice video man, never realized about those affiliate links. What about free hosting reviews?

  15. To the person who decided to post and then delete their account. no I am not hosting with godaddy anymore, currently with media temple but in progress of moving to another hosts that I have not tried before.

  16. These are useless reviews. Your better off staying away from them because they will just steer you in the wrong direction. I purchased a product that they said was the Best in the field. Their TOP recommmentdation. Their #1 choice! When I downloaded the program I was immediately frustrated with the simplest of tasks. This led me to investigate and reveal their bias. I called my credit card company to stop payment immediately and then purchased the right program based on my own review.

  17. You act like it’s bad to be referred to a company by another person because they make money. but with all due respect isn’t that what you are doing? isn’t that what all of us do Make money of each other? I’m so sick and tired of people talking bad about affiliate marketers – their jobs are hard and why not throe them a bone – some of them are noble people making a hard living. Many of the top affiliate PAYING hosts are quite frankly very good! I know because me & my clients have tried them.

  18. @sleepysgr By doing the same thing, I am telling you to use hosts that I never tried while making a buck? Sorry no that is not what I am doing. Yes I have advertising, and if there is anything I recommend I actually try it (like the kindles) I will not recommend hosts or products for the sake of payment when not even using them.. Or get a payout from those that pay for a fake rating. I have no issues with companies running affiliate programs, just those that lie to make a buck.

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