Think Like Trump | Internet Marketing | With Eric Trump & Roger Bryan – I recently had the privilege of being invited to fly from New York to the Trump Winery in Charlottesville, VA aboard Donald Trumps Helicopter with Eric Trump. We met early in the morning in Midtown and had a chance to chat with Eric Trump before boarding for our flight. During the flight I got to spend a good hour talking to Eric Trump about marketing and specifically internet marketing and how it is applied inside the Trump Organization. I was amazed at how in depth Erics knowledge was of the Internet Marketing space and how important it is to the Trump Brand. Internet Marketing is no longer a hobby that a few people enjoy from home. Multi-Billion Dollar Companies have Internet Marketing at the forefront of everything they do. If your business is not managing your brand online and leveraging all that the internet has to offer you need to get in the game now. The team at RCBryan & Associates has experience working with startups, small businesses as well as Multi-National Corporations. If your company could use a strategic partner to create and manage your online presence gives us call 1-888-722-7926 or visit us at RCBryan & Associates 600 Superior Ave Suite 1300 Cleveland, OH 44114 1-888-722-7926