The Young Turks With Cenk Uygur (Webby Awards)

Cenk Uygur went from hosting a public access show to hosting the largest online news show in the world to hosting at 6pm on MSNBC before taking The Young Turks to Current TV. Watch for more details on how to vote for The Young Turks for the 16th annual Webby Awards for Best News & Politics Web Series and for Cenk Uygur for Best Web HostPersonality. Disclaimer for footage used from the following Current TV ad: The materials embodied herein may be used for review purposes by the press only. All of the materials embodied herein (including all intellectual property) are owned and controlled by Current TV, LLC. The recipient of these materials acknowledges that recipients use of such materials shall be limited to review purposes authorized by Current TV, LLC, and the materials embodied herein are proprietary to Current TV, LLC. For avoidance of doubt, these materials may not be used, exhibited, excerpted, distributed or otherwise exploited or used for any other purposes without the prior written authorization of Current TV, LLC. Any preexisting credits contained in the materials may not be altered, modified or obscured in any manner. "Current" "Current TV" and "Current . . ." are trademarks and service marks of Current TV, LLC. Copyright 2011. The intellectual property of Current TV, LLC and applicable third parties are expressly reserved. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Produced by Tom Hanc <b>...<b>

23 thoughts on “The Young Turks With Cenk Uygur (Webby Awards)

  1. cenk even taliban like’s TYT lol imean is every one for TYT

  2. TYT you doing excellent job. This is how news should look like in main stream media… they should be telling the truth not brainwashing people..

    Greetings from Slovakia

  3. Aren’t TYT, RT, Alyona Show and Alex Jones the only bringers of factual news nowadays? Wow – I just said that – "FACTUAL NEWS". It’s good to be able to believe in something!

  4. @jcmacklin82 Everything you just said is true, with the exception of Alex Jones, who is as much of a fear mongering moron as the neo-cons he is so adamantly opposed to. He simply is not on the same intellectual level as Cenk, Alyona, etc

  5. Sometimes I don’t agree with you but so long as you expose lies and tell the truth, I will watch you everyday.

  6. I love this show, and I’m not even out of high school yet. Because they tell the truth; no matter what.

  7. I love u cenk this brought tears to my eyes…I hope to meet you one day! You’re an inspiration to me

  8. @TheCreeperhunter omg dude, you’re missing the 2 best news/comedy shows ever. I can’t link a site on youtube but google thedailyshow and colbertnation. I’ts awesome.

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