23 thoughts on “The Price of Free Web Hosting

  1. @Danny2k9brap No, everything cost’s something. It all depends on what you are willing to pay with…..

  2. @pikachomovies Are you kiddin me! Lisa is THE LADY with Da Plan! and she implements it’s wisely and correctly! She doesn’t ASK you to go to her website and BUY ANYTHING! We all KNOW she has the website but it’s up to US if we want to go to it and buy anything! Lisa puts up all this FREE Information to HELP new peoplm and people in general, she doesn’t ask you to go and buy her product.

  3. Is there any way to make your own web hosting? I mean insted of using someone else’s make your own?

  4. Yea free web hosting sucks, but many of us just want(not me)personal or fun websites, not truly professional websites, and many are just young teenagers and kids. So you can understand why.

  5. free hosts are lousy and buggy, I would go for cheap hosting instead of free one and I am a big fan of Shopaserver their 1 dollar plan rocks!

  6. lol i cannot get over how hard this is to make a website!.. why can it just be like making a word document? i bought dreamweaver cs5 and am still incredibly lost.

  7. @byronh88 Yes, I would narrow it down even more. Do fashion or art only. Do a google search for "how to do keyword research" for tips on how to narrow down a topic using the available tools online like Google AdWords Keyword Tool, WordTracker, etc.

  8. @MrJuniorhv I have a video on my 2createawebsite channel that shows you how to setup a website in Dreamweaver. Many people say it has helped. Try that.

  9. Thank you for this one…I’m researching the best paid web host to start my own business. Great info!

  10. There is no price for free web hosting in terms of dollars and cents simply because it is free
    But it can cost you a lot if you are hosting it for long term.
    Free things are never free. Someone has to pay for it.
    There is always a catch somewhere and somehow.

  11. We hardly see free web hosting that comes with clear explanation on the terms (which is normally written in small print).

  12. This video certainly does make things clear about the pros & cons of using free web hosting. For anyone who is really serious about setting up a business online, I would agree that using a paid hosting service is the best way forward.

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