The ITER Building, Hosting One of the World’s Biggest Energy Projects.

F4E shows the construction development of the Tokamak complex, the heart of the ITER project.

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  1. SandustanBrasov
    The conditions of thermonuclear controlled fusion: temperature, concentration, confinemant and duration – can not obtained never in a tokamak installation, because the her incapacity of the magnetic trap, which can not dress and surround whole the thermonuclear plasma. The plasma can not be restrained, can not be maintained and thus can not be heating. Till now 2012 it confined not the plasma on the tokamak instalations.

  2. • SandustanBrasov
    • The texture of toroidal, poloidal or stellarator magnetic field is too rare for to form a magnetic trap. The magnetic trap must let be one electromagnetic stratified wall with weaved at entrance and with disweaved at emengence. The electromagnetic wall of the magnetic trap is a wall with formation and continuous displacement.

  3. SandustanBrasov
    In the magnetic trap of the tokamak installation it produce only magnetic field which it maintain in the round of the coil without to fulfil the role of magnetic trap. The electromagnetic field can evolve(go) in space and in the interior of one spherical chamber, can be weaved in order to form a stratified network, which let hold the particles of the thermonuclear plasma.

  4. • SandustanBrasov
    Feeding a superconductive coil with an electrical current it obtain in the her round only a magnetic field. But disposing in the round of the superconductive coil a certain magnetic and dielectric pieces, it obtain the variation of the electrical permitivity and of the magnetic permeability, which will transform the magnetic field of the superconductive coil in electromagnetic field, which can evolve(go) more faraway in space, without to close immediately the curl.

  5. • SandustanBrasov
    This reactor has spherical combustion chamber, with inner magnetic trap, with the electromagnetic field realized outside and introduced inside the sphere with electromagnetic field and fuel introduction device, and direct colected possibilitys of electrcal energy, with semispherical collectors. The device of introduction is composed from: 1).-two high-speed motors with plasmatron in its central zone; 2).-two magnetic circuits for leading the electromagnetic field flux.

  6. • SandustanBrasov
    The spherical thermonuclear combustion chamber is formed from two joined semispherical parts. The feeding with fuel and electromagnetic filed flux it make through the oriffices from the central part of the semispheres, and the emergence in outside to the electromagnetic field flux it make through the maximum zone, where is joined the semispheres. The two high-speed motors are rotated in the same sense for to establishes a direct electric field between collectors.

  7. • SandustanBrasov
    In place let it examine the qualities, the specific features of the chemical matters and the ethereal matters, as let’s can create the functional devices, it make only animations on personal computer, as let it hoax the terrestrial world with the thermonuclear plasma in 2018, in 2050, or with the fusion in 2100. The actual ITER project is only a scientific confusion in a practical realization to one practical installation, for to consumer of money of the tax payer.

  8. • SandustanBrasov
    The model of thermonuclear controlled reactor proposed of myself- reproduces entirely the conditions from Sun. Viz: 1).-produce a globe of plasma and turned it with 800m/s; 2).-ensure a magnetic trap with two electromagnetic crossed fields which dress and turn the globe of plasma; 3).-supply continuously with hydrogen in state of plasma and ensure the its confination. Moreover, makes possibly the direct gathering of the electrical current.

  9. SandustanBrasov
    • The tokamak installation has nothing in common with the Sun and with the thermonuclear controlled fusion. Viz: 1).-can not concentrate and confine the plasma; 2).-can not isolate plasma face of internal walls of the toroidal chamber because they it will smelt at 5…10% from temperature of fusion; 3).-the switchs of heat can not will be used because can not it extract heat from the toroidal chamber.

  10. SandustanBrasov
    The introduction in whirlpool through plasmatron to the fuel: deuterium and tritium under shape of plasma and in the magnetic turning field will go at the arrangement for the lateral union of the protons and neutrons in alpha particles. Thus, from the electrical particles of the plasma together with neutrons, through union in alpha particles, respective in atoms of normal helium(4 2He), become neutral from electrical viewpoint and they will can go out through the magnetic trap.

  11. SandustanBrasov
    In the tokamak installation the plasma’s components(= protons, neutrons and electrons), it can not arrange in lateral unuion as let form alpha particles, respective atoms of normal helium(4/2He). Viz, it can not confine the plasmas’s components and it can not realize the starting of the thermonuclear reaction of fusion.

  12. SandustanBrasov
    Through the whirlpool of the magnetic trap are turned and the neutrons. This is the mode of unfolding of the thermonuclear reaction from Sun. The waiting as the collision of fusion let it make accidental or aleatory is not a solution for a commercial installation. Thus after the lateral coupling proton-neutron-proton-neutron in alpha particle, this will attract and will fix rigid and two electrons forming the normal atom of helium(4/2He).

  13. Sandustanbrasov, one correction. It is a tokamak, which is a circular tube (more ovalish), not a sphere. Also, fusion has been achieved in jet already, we still have some obstacles but we need to remember this is just a step in the journey to reliable fusion.

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