21 thoughts on “The Grid Part One

  1. Exactly. This imagery is showing that modern civilization is a living, breathing, growing being

  2. the fountain…communication tower using lights blood flo we look like white blood cells!

  3. Definitive of life in the late 20th century and beyond. I also never get tired of watching this film.

  4. Memorized the form in1993. This broke my criteria of good music and is one of my most beloved pieces of music. its the "Ironic punishment division of Hell" our society has become. I was lucky enough to see Koyaanisquasi live in Vancouver in 2005

  5. The music fits so beautifully well with the imagery. I love this movie.

  6. Now I know why I get the 1000 yard stare when I play GTA4 and listen to the Journey station.

  7. Trillions of tiny creatures collaborate to be you.

    Why wouldn’t billions of you collaborate to be….

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