The Grey : Movie ending song – Liam Neeson – Into the Fray

Latest Gossip&Rumours+Celebs+Sext Girls+Hollywood: The Hobbit Song: The Grey : Movie ending song - Liam Neeson - Into the Fray "Once more into the fray Into the last good fight ill ever know Live and die on this day Live and die on this day ..."

19 thoughts on “The Grey : Movie ending song – Liam Neeson – Into the Fray

  1. what? I never said anything about you walking around anywhere. you’re confusing me.

  2. So if you were stuck in the middle of nowhere surrounded by wolves and the only thing you saw was a forest, you wouldn’t go there? That’s why you would not survive 5 minutes in that situation.

  3. Guy with heights didn’t fall because of his fear. It’s because of his injury. And how am I random? That’s like saying your comment to the other guy was random too

  4. They mentioned if they sent even 50 planes they MIGHT find them. Also how long do you think you would last in that plane with no food or water whatsoever? Pay attention to the movie please.

  5. The movie isnt about survival… Its about human desperation suffering and courage in the face of certin death

  6. How the heck did you get this? I bought the song on iTunes, and for some reason they have a banjo instead of a piano in the song.

  7. This movie can use a sequel more than Taken. Have it start with the pack acknowledging John as the new Alpha, now that he’s killed the old one, then run with it.

  8. okay Mr volunteer sheriffs department on the weekends. Not everyone wants to compare their Boy Scout survival skills to a movie because I’m not a critic. Maybe if Bear Grylls was here he can give us his opinion on the correct usage of one’s survival skills. Too bad this is a movie and everyone watched it for entertainment. Nobody likes a critic especially one who compares his survival skills to a fictional movie character.

  9. Did I say it had to be a comedy? I was expecting that plot point 2/3 into this movie anyway, and was jarred by the sudden ending, given how much I was anticipating the Alpha fight and what came after.

  10. No but it definitely sounds ridiculous. I liked the ending in this movie because the whole point of it ending like that was to show it doesn’t matter if he lives or dies. The point is the line he says before he fights the alpha wolf "once more into the fray into the last good fight I’ll ever know, to live and die on this day, to live and die on this day". He’s pretty much saying live like you’re going to die ya know fight with your best effort. The whole movie they were escaping death/black wolf

  11. …boy scout survival skills? uhhh dont boy scouts learn how to tie knots and make fires, not how to survive a plane crash? its just common sense to stay by the plane that people would be looking for instead of wandering. ur right i watched this movie for entertainment and was deeply disappointed, and then i went on youtube and voiced my opinion. i mean if you want you can call the sheriffs department on me and tell them that im being a critic and they can deal with me

  12. The point of the movie isn’t the fact that they are trying to survive. Life and death and the fear of death is the theme of this movie. Look at Liam Neeson and what he’s wearing he almost looks grey. And the alpha wolf at the end was black. You don’t see the pattern this movie is showing? Liam Neeson represents life and it’s struggles to stay true and pure. The wolf represents death. and at the end Liam stops running and decides to face death even though he knows it means the end of his life.

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