The Emergence Of The Online Global Market

It has been estimated that there are 18.9 million internet users in Malaysia. 10.5 million from which have, in some way or another, purchased online. Malaysians have chosen to make online retail purchases on local websites to the tune of RM825 million (45 per cent) compared with RM627 million on overseas websites (35 per cent). The remaining RM371 million were made on websites of unknown countries of origin. Is e-commerce booming in Malaysia? Where are the trends going and what innovations are changing the landscape of the sector? This week find out how two young Malaysians are leveraging off the global online market and are leading the way in online marketing strategies. We talk to Chan Peng Joon the founder and CEO of Smobble which currently has over 573 websites in various niches ranging from gaming to forex, fitness, dog training and dating. Coming from a background of computer gaming, Peng Joon currently trains others to capitalise on their hobbies and passions and educates them on how to transfer that passion into passive income online. Smobble Sdn Bhd was birthed in 2008. Peng Joon has recently organized his many years of marketing experience into a comprehensible training course called the Internet Income Intensive. Mindvalley Co-founder and CEO Vishen Lakhiani shares with us his insights into the future of the global online market. Founded in 2003, Vishens vision for Mindvalley was to build a company whose mission was to bring enlightenment and personal growth <b>…<b>